Documentation Incomplete — We are currently working to improve our documentation to make it easier to get started using Pingrr

Get started using Pingrr

What does Pingrr do?

Pingrr allows you to receive a notification when a job doesn't complete or run when expected. You simply add a call to Pingrr after your job has run. Based on the expected schedule you configure for that job, Pingrr will detect if the state of that job has changed (i.e late or recovering) and notify you via any of the following mediums:

  • Email
  • SMS Message
  • Slack

Working as a team? No problem! When you sign in using GitHub, Pingrr will detect which GitHub organisations you are a member of and all members of the same organisation can share and access the same pings.

Getting Started

Simply click the Sign in with GitHub after which you will be taken to the Pingrr Dashboard, and from here you can create new Pings. For each ping we will give you a unique URL to call after the job has finished processing which can be called either by appending to the command already in your crontab or by calling the endpoint directly from your code.

Once you have created a new ping you will its unique url.

To add this to your existing cron job such as:

* */5 * * * > /dev/null

Simply add a curl call to the end of the command

* */5 * * * && curl -fsS --retry 3 > /dev/null

If the command fails, the curl command will not be executed, Pingrr will detect that the ping has not been called in the given grace period, change its status to late and alert you that this command hasn't run successfully

You can also call Pingrr using any programming language of your choice.


require 'net/http'
require 'uri'